September 24, 2014

Introduction to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Recently, Pete Scazzero spoke at the Emotionally Healthy Leadership Event at Willow Creek in the UK. The feedback about the learning has been fantastic!

Here’s a few testimonies:

I have been to many ‘good’ events over the years that have helped inspire and equip me for Christian leadership.  However, in the 20 years since I first attended an Alpha Conference I can think of nothing that has compared with Peter Scazzero’s  ‘Emotionally Healthy Leadership’ in terms of challenge, relevance and applicability.  I would urge colleagues to read the books and to get to hear this man. - Paul Newman, Whitley Bay Baptist Church, UK

If the kingdom of God is to advance in the 21st century, Peter’s message of honesty, integrity and spiritual discipline needs to be heard and acted upon by those of us in Christian leadership. - Rowland Clear, Rayleigh Baptist Church, Essex

Below is a great post by Steve Drake, WCA UK & Ireland Regional Representative.


Every day we all make decisions, have conversations, think through plans and explore relationships. As Christians, the way we do this should increasingly flow out of our life in Christ, but so often we bring all manner of our history, upbringing, hang-ups and other baggage which certainly doesn’t reflect God’s Spirit and is likely to be destructive.

This is really an issue of process: All of our thinking, behaviour, language, attitudes and aspirations do not get supernaturally aligned to reflect Jesus the day we start to follow Him -and we know that we won’t be truly free of sin and its effects this side of His return.

Yet if, as Christians, we are as much at the mercy of fall-damaged thinking as the world around us, then how can God use us to bring anything of Him to that world? Why are we here?

We are a journey into redemption:

• Christ accomplished it 2000 years ago

• He made it available to me when

• He inspired me to faith in Him

• I will finally be completely redeemed on “that day”

• But meanwhile, here and now He calls me to surrender myself to an ongoing process of refining and redemption in which I am genuinely freed-up from the destructive baggage that I carry from being born a fallen-human.

The difference a relationship with God makes is that we now have access to the potential of Spirit-led change in us. It’s not automatic, just possible. (Perhaps it would be better to say that (if we let Him) God has access to our lives to effect change in us). Making decisions, having conversations and relating to others out of the transforming work of Christ in us (rather than out of the stuff we inherit as fallen humanity, or which infects us from this world’s thinking) -and willingly (gratefully even) embracing that same transforming process, is what pastor and author Peter Scazzero calls Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.