September 22, 2014

Daily Office

An “Office” is a time to STOP, SLOW DOWN, CENTER, and PAUSE to be with Jesus. The goal is to create a continual and easy familiarity with God’s presence in each day.

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Enjoy these free Daily Offices taken from the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Website.



Watch the video below to get a glimpse into how to use the Daily Office tool from Pete Scazzero.


Daily Office recently released around the 8 I QUIT’s (pdf)

The Lord’s Prayer (pdf)

Daily Office: Things Are Not As They Appear: Isaiah (pdf)

Daily Office: Your Life, Your Calling and Your Work (pdf)

Daily Office: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (pdf)

Daily Office: Morning, Midday, and Evening (pdf)

Daily Office: Praying The Beatitudes as a Daily Office (pdf)

Daily Office: Praying the Psalms Through the Year (pdf)